Original music by Nick and the Band (Nick Damoulakis)

In these pages you will find links to my own music in Google Play and Youtube.

My first album: Foray into the unknown

This album is made up of all-original tunes. 
It took me about 2 years to get set up and comfortable with digital recording. During that time, quite a few tunes were written.

I picked 8 for this album. 'Mei mei Lin' and 'Little Sparrow' are 2 of the earliest tunes.

'Pearl' came next. Those 3 represent one style of tune.

The other 5 were all written during the last 9 or so months and are slightly different in style.

I usually compose on the guitar and then add all other instruments to the tune, using Reaper DAW.

'Compose' in my case means starting to play, no tune in particular, just letting it go where it wants to go...over time, a melody rises to the surface. Sometimes, it's the sound of 3 or 4 notes that just stick out, asking for attention.
A tune is born! 

Here are some links to YouTube videos of some of my tunes from the album 'Foray into the unknown'.

(audio only): Youtube video 1Youtube video 2Youtube video 3 

If you do listen to any of them or, even better, visit Google Play and listen to Foray into the unknown over there, I'd love to hear your comments.

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